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Thank you! So press and hold the button for about 3 seconds until the arm starts to turn. if it will blow easily, then it’s not frozen. Just a drop came out. Eugene, I own an LG LFXC24796S. I’ve read most of the issues you’ve talked about and have a Multimeter. You need to check many things before figure out why its not working. It appears the ice maker is dumping the ice before the inside of the cubes are frozen, the water drains into the bin and I get a large solid cube and no ice cubes. I did a reset and what cubes were there fell from the tray, and the tray refilled with water. There is not even any sound when you push the dispenser plate on the outside. Do you know where I can find a schematic of the icemaker and it’s parts. The latch on the door to the ice maker compartment broke and we need to get a new door. I have an LG GM63SGS, the ice maker was working well almost 3 years with a bottled water dispenser flojet pump, the problem now is that is making less ice, and is because only fills the back row of ice tray, all the front row of ice tray is completely empty when the ice maker does its filling cycle, the water dispenser seem to be working like always…..any help will be appreciated. Thank you. Is their a way to replace the magnet? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=arJpFgMnvPY&t=, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iDfRblNHnQQ, Push Refrigerator button and Lock button at the same time. I’m having the same issue as Elizabeth. will not dump the ice until I hit reset. I shut off, reseted it, and changed the water filter. I took off the back cover and cleaned the dust off the condenser coil. I don’t have an exact procedure for all situations, but i have a service manual for LG fridge, if you want i can post it here. This just started happening for the 3rd time. Ice maker worked fine until I pulled the ice bucket out to empty ice. I tried the test button and water did come out water is dispensing. So come back in a couple of days for an update. At end of that test, it squirts water on the floor again. Hi Patti, as i know there is no schematic diagram for the ice maker only. Do you need help replacing the Ice Maker (Part # AEQ72910409) in your Refrigerator? But I don’t know for sure. Maybe you will find some useful information there, LG AEQ73110210 Refrigerator Ice Maker Assembly, Kit my ice maker is not getting power. UPDATE: This is how ice maker works when releasing ice cubes and it’s normal to twist ice tray. The fans that push the cold air into the ice bin, freeze up and it will not freeze the ice. You can see diagram for your fridge here. Any suggestions? Usually, in the freezer, there is an ice maker fan which blows cold air into the ice maker compartment. I have the same problem as the ice maker compartment is not cold enough to freeze the ice. Any thoughts next steps? Quit making ice out of the blue. I have tried replacing the filter and cleaning the water valve near the ice maker. We have an LG LFX25974ST /04. The Ice maker in the refrigerator door seems to work fine. if there was working, maybe you didn’t plug something correct. No change in results after these replacements. After reset, the icemaker should be filled with water. After we replced the board it still codes we unplug and reset-and ice-maker works for a few days then codes again. Does this appear to be a control board issue? MY LG ice maker is just not getting cold enough to freeze the water. How do you clean the tray under the ice maker . If the water pressure is high, the tray may also overfill. NOTE: The diagnosis and repair procedures in this manual do not necessarily apply to brand-new LG refrigerators, newly-installed refrigerators or recently relocated refrigerators. Where can I purchase the Solenoid or Water Valve (P/Ns please ??). My ice maker stopped producing ice (LRFD22850SW). We have been unable to get an LG service person to our area. Should I try to replace it again. it doesn’t seem to be getting power because it does not do anything when you push the reset or when you turn it on or off. well, you need to check if your ice maker getting power. We used to have a full bin all the time, but now it’s always empty because we use it. We can help. My Fridge model is LFXS24623S/01. Water pressure is also good. Try to defrost it fridge, for letting sit for 24 hours with the doors open and t see if it will help. Do you think we should try a new motor? Want to thank you again for all the great feedback and direction you provide here for not only me, but everyone. What do I do? So I am thinking it may be a temp or fan issue. I have the LG inverter linear french door fridge/freezer. I even turned the ice machine off from the front panel (it doesn’t have an on/off switch on the machine itself), and the arms were still moving for a while. The side with the InstaView does not. But then.. it doesn’t dump and refill. About a second and a half. I’ve also read that water pressure (hi or lo) and/or the refrigerator filter may need replaced? Thanks for the help. My model is a Kenmore Elite 795.71073.010. Test button on ice maker works but no water at end. Water dispensing, ice making and ice dispensing stopped working all together at the same time. But, usually it would fix itself (a little ice clogging tube?) 3. Probably water inlet valve malfunction. 795.72052.112. LG.com utilizes responsive design to provide a convenient experience that conforms to your devices screen size. Eugene, I tried the test button and the ice maker did not cycle. I noticed this morning not much ice. I can see the problem is not getting any water. What possibly could be my problem. Hello, My LG Frig(french door,2017 model) will not dispense water or fill my ice maker tray.. Having the same issue. What can I do next. Water dispenser working? Ice maker is in the door. Many thanks for advice! Working through the recommended tests and the questions posted here leave me with a couple questions. HELP!!! Here is diagram for your fridge. Now, water seems to be seeping from near it, AND against the back wall of dispensing area. Hi, I have a LG refrigerator Ice Maker with Power Switch and Tray. I have a noise that sounds like a woodpecker inside the icemaker area? Would my wife be able to get access to them by pulling the unit out from the wall? Please help! This model has the test button which is activated via a paper clip. Could that have anything to do with it? It works in terms of making ice but it seems like water is overflowing as it constantly freezes up outside of the tray and gets jammed. If you have ice outside the tray, maybe water splashes when tray filling up and then freezes up. In this article, we will show you the most common LG Refrigerator Ice Maker Problems and how to test ice maker. So, when you press dispense button is anything happening during 10 seconds? When the ice cubes freeze, they get too thick for the motor to flex the tray to drop the cubes. I’ve got a new one for you. Hi Mick, dealing with this type of ice maker is tricky, last thing what you can try is to change the control board. We figured it out. Wish there was someway I can buy you a cup of coffee to thank you. How do you know, that it overfill the ice tray? We tried lowering temp gauge in fridge from 3 green lights out of 6 to 2 green lights, but then food and drinks are moderately cooled, not cold like we like them. At Repair Clinic, we help you with your refrigerator repair so you can save time, money and frustration. I replaced the ice maker this weekend and same problem. It seems like you are the ice maker king – hope you can help with this one. What ice was there came out and it refilled correctly. But like you, little to no water to the ice tray and inconsistent ice production. Any suggestions? The instructions below from DIYers like you make the repair simple and easy. Weird that it just stopped working out of the blue. My water inlet valve is a single solenoid, I believe the replacement model is LG AP4451762 Refrigerator Water Inlet. It tends to want to pop up. I made sure it is turned on. I’ve also replace the board on top of the door. Some amount of water will leak in the ice maker compartment to the very bottom and eventually will be on the floor. I replaced the valve on the back, and restored the water flow to the water dispenser. Seems a shame to have to replace the control board $$$$ just to get ice if it turns out to be a control board issue. when the tray filled in test mode, did not spray all over. Our LG LFX26974ST will have trouble making ice when the weather gets warm and humid. Hi Pat, check the temp inside ice maker with a fridge thermometer, you can get it in Walmart for 5$. Control Board? I did the ice maker reset with the paper clip. Which of the following are you experiencing? Answer Diane, A couple of possibilities, you may want to remove the ice maker and check the ice cube mold. (see link in the post). The freezer temperature should be set between 0 and 5 degrees Fahrenheit (-18 to -15C) for the ice maker to work properly. Can you help. Trying reset button know. I suspect that I may have to figure out how to remove the ice maker or tray to figure out where and why it is leaking. Seems like there is a restriction in the water line somewhere. Make sure to assemble it right. check what is the actual temp in the freezer, if its high then, lets say -12 Celcius than ice maker will not work. Take a look on the each side of the lever. Hi Greg, the temperature sensor sends readings to the control board and the control board “decides” when to turn ON/OFF compressor. Failed system as you concluded. Do you think moisture is still getting in and freezing or is the control module failing? Thank you for your service! Any ideas? When all the ice in the LG refrigerator is used, it will take 2 hours to produce the next bunch of ice cubs. Hi I’m hoping you can help. Inlet Valve – When the water inlet valve failed, you will not have water as well. It is like there is not electricity getting to the ice maker to make it cycle. Follow up, the line from the inlet to the ice maker is clear. I have a lg lfxs30726s Thank you! I have replaced filter but waited till last month to unplug and finally empty out entire fridge, waiting thinking something was clogging lines. #madhousewife. Wanted to let you know our LG refrigerator is FINALLY working as of yesterday! Ice fill tube is freezing again and again. The ice maker leaking (water inside door) was told by repair person this is a common issue with LG refrigerator and that it would cost $300 to repair.Was told that after 1to 2 years this would have to be fix again he advised me to just turn off water to ice maker is this normal. I lowered to -6 degrees . New filter, plenty of pressure, drinking water dispenser works fine, but no water comes out of the icemaker fill tube. Hi Rey, how do you know its making extra ice? And when fresh water will fill ice maker, it actually will overfill and some amount of water will spill over the tray. thank you i will, i appreciate your time, cheers. Thanks for the heads up about the test switch. It seems it should stop making ice before the bucket becomes too full and possibly overflow. In order to get the best possible experience from our website, please follow below instructions. In my case, it’s a 2.5 yr old LNXC23726S. Our ice maker is spewing out white dust when dispensing ice. It’s been almost 2 months since I last reached out. When I press the test/reset button, there is a beep/tone but the ice maker does not fill or rotate in any fashion. Thx. If you feel cold air coming out from the vents, fan is good. is there a motor, battery, fuse im missing. Yeah. Water pressure problems can cause the ice maker to freeze up. Can’t get the fridge pulled out to get to valve line in back because it’s built into a very tight space. I just double checked. Is there separate evaporators and fans for the freezer and the refrigerator. Besides this, we get big lumps of ice cubes in the tray. To run the ice maker test mode, first of all, pull the handle to open the ice room and remove the ice bucket. Fridge is level and seals are good and tight. But if you have the ice maker in the freezer, then nothing controls it. Has worked perfect for 5 years now is freezing up at fill tube or water line itself. Please help lg model lmxs30776s00. Icemaker and door leaking into compartment on an LG French door LFXS29766S. I’ve tried resetting it (on/off and unplugged the power cord)but no luck. I have replaced the inlet valve, main control board and the ice maker control board and still have the problem. I have a side by side LG fridge. Sandy, Its not a leak, probably when its filling with water via a filler tube and splashes a little bit. It does not stop when the ice holder is full and keeps on going. First, a timed switch will send a current to the water valve, which is typically located right behind the refrigerator or stand-alone unit and connected with some central lines. If you could not than we happy to help. This is a picture of back panel in the freezer compartment with evaporator and ice maker fans. The newer the appliance , the worse it is. Hello Eugene, I read though all the issues in this article and this is the same issue I have. when I take a glass and push the dispenser button the ice falls into the chute but the flap doesn’t always open so ice piles up inside. I have an LG LFXC24726S refrigerator and in the span of 24 hours, the ice maker stopped making ice, the fridge wasn’t cooling and the freezer wasn’t freezing food. Do you think it is the control board and if so do you know what the part number is. Thoughts? I even lowered my temperature and I had three days of making ice and now it’s back to the ice cube tray not dropping ice cubes i’m just getting water poured into my ice bucket. Hi, my LG LMX25981 has a similar issue, I can hear the pump from ice dispenser trying to fill the ice tray with water, then checked, nothing. Ice maker fan in the freezer failed? It seems it is a very short cycle when I hear the water fill go into the tray. I am not sure which one for the ice maker. The fan is working. Thank you for this service! how do you know that? Took your suggestion and brought in a technician. Were you able to fix your problem? Nah, mine’s the kind with the hole where I push in a paper clip to reset. To do this adjustment, turn water tap to 45 degrees and let somebody will push water dispenser using big cup or something like that. I tried a magnet on the left side door and it works. Anything else I can try before replacing AEQ73130004? With a new filter, water will flow more freely and when it reached ice maker it may create a splash. Turned off power to the fridge for a minute, and tried the test button again, and still no rotation or water. It might produce enough for 2 cups if that. Hi Ritchie, this specific issue require proper troubleshooting. Ice maker makes ice but won’t dump the ice until I hit the reset. If water or ice were to fall from the tray, the towel is there to catch it. Hi. Thanks again for your help. I have researched so much much stuff but can’t find any info with this exact issue. We get like 4 trays of ice per day. Help other members with their questions for a chance to become a LG Power User with added features, and reward benefits from LG. I have same problem as Gale above. Now, plastic filler line (from back of freezer into the ice maker) freezes regularly. Eugene Smith I need your help real bad. WORKED fine yesterday morning. This feature just speeds up the freezing process and allows it to produce ice cubes 2 times faster. The freezer fridge and icemaker have stopped producing cold temps completely. Thanks for any help you can give us! Thanks. Is this a problem with the ice maker motor or a control board? After reinstalling the ice machine/housing, and resetting the ice machine w/ the paper clip, I could hear and see that water was filling the tray, but after days, the water wasn’t freezing. After that no more ice making. If you just bought and installed LG refrigerator then it may take about 24 hours. We had the technician here and he said everything is fine. Water valve in rear of fridge is feeding water up to secondary valve through the filter and reservoir tank is full. “2. Pulled out some big chunks of ice in the freezer section too. It makes ice. Also…where is the Control Board? Nothing appears to be off track out out of position. I have an LMXS30776S/00. Feel free to ask any questions about repairs. In order to adjust the temperature: Press the FREEZER button to cycle through the range of available settings and set it to the desired temperature. One of the reasons is malfunctioned ice maker fan, which is located in the freezer compartment. But how can I defrost the fans? Any ideas or additional part I would have to check, reset or replace?. Used hair dryer to thaw ice maker and recycle power – no change. That was how i got it to fill with water at least. The ice in the bin gets wet and also freezes in a big chunk. I posted a comment yesterday but don’t seem to find it so resubmitting – apologies for any duplication. Hello, this is what you can do. Hi Carrie, just turn the power off for some time to the fridge to let it defrost by itself. Get Help OnlineOur Technicians Are Always Online and Ready To Help You“How To Fix Your Broken Appliance”. Hi Jodi, for me it sounds like ice maker trying to turn the tray, but not able to. maybe this video will help you https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=arJpFgMnvPY&t=, I have a LG ice maker with the on off switch. to Refills fine BUT will not rotate to release the ice. Please leave him feedback below about the page. Learn how your comment data is processed. My water dispenser is working, but my Ice maker is not. I have already had a technician come out and replaced the Board. Check that filler tube and clean from calcium build-up, maybe its part of the problem. Ice will only dump when I use the test button. I wasn’t willing to just keep throwing money at guesses. LG LFX31925ST/06 Everything is working fine, cubes are being produced, stir motor in compartment works but cubes won’t dispense from the outlet. My ice maker makes ice sometimes and then it won’t I’ve been gone for 3 days and it is only half full of ice any Suggestions. ©2020 howtofixit.net is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, An affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for website owners to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com and any other website that may be affiliated with Amazon service LLC associates program. First a big THANK YOU for all the advice you’ve provided above – and I can’t believe how recent many of these postings are making your comments even more relevant. Removing that panel reveals the solenoid valve and the drinking water tube that is coiled up to expose the water to the cold air. If you want me to take a look at what kind of control board you need, let me know. Do you recommend I change out the PCB next? I changed to -2F. When I take out the ice maker unit and defrost it, then replace it it makes ice for a few cycles. (I lowered the temp a degree to see if that would help). If not, maybe there is a problem with ice maker itself? The condenser was replaced less than 18mths ago. Cleaned it out and now it fills. Any suggestions are appreciated. doesn’t matter ice Plus feature is ON or OFF. One for water dispenser and second for ice maker. The water then freezes the ice bin in the unit. LG recommends that the ice maker get a firm but gentle shake a few times before replacing the bin and powering the unit off for 30 seconds. Is this what you asking? Cleaned where rubber seals are around all doors/drawers (always do). Thank you. Suggestions? If so—-maybe the heat don’t go off. And then see if ice maker will start making ice. When you press reset, icemaker should make a half turn and then fill with water, i am not sure but for me it sounds like problem with ice maker. I’m getting ready to make another warranty call. I am getting water with no problem at the front of the door. Water from the water dispenser now comes out a bit faster, but still nothing in the ice tray. Whether it's your LG bottom-freezer refrigerator, side-by-side refrigerator or French-door refrigerator, we'll give you practical, clear steps to get your fridge back to being the kitchen appliance you rely on. Here’s a another style of ice maker on this model. I wanted to get your thoughts on what the problem could be and what to consider looking at. (GMT -05:00, United States of America local time) We accidentally turned off the water to the unit. The valve requires at … Ice maker will not fill with water. What could be causing this? I found my answer from others questions and I just want to Thank You for what you do. Main compartment set @ 34 degrees but records +40. The slim style ice maker we have on ours is a constant pain. What i need to do. Are you sure water coming from the dispenser when ice maker filling up? When i use a paperclip to reset, nothing happens. Hi Michael, i am preparing some updates to the post regarding optical sensor and how to check them. If you will hear a humming sound coming from the valve and at the same time ice maker will not fill up, then valve partially or completely clogged. We’re constantly having to beat the ice with a wooden spoon. We have a Kenmore Elite (LG) 795.72052.112 french door fridge that is having some issues making ice. Don’t hear water filling tray either but water indeed getting into ice tray. Not sure if you received my other message. I would like to help you but its a hard one, because you already checked everything.And I don’t think its a control board failure. You can get a control board for your fridge here, if you live in US. Note that up to the point of removing the ice machine/housing to scrape off the calcium build-up in the intake valve, the machine was producing ice. Once the water had frozen, the ice maker still does not eject the cubes. Recently had compressor replaced on this 2 year old LG (under warranty no less) as it stopped but recalled having this same issue with the dispenser before that. Optical sensor malfunctioning, one of the reasons why your ice maker may complete Harvest Cycle, but not working in Automatic Mode. Thanks, Control board, if you have an ice maker in the door. I can send you a link for the icamaker. LOL but not really…. Did not replace water line from inlet valve to ice maker, think that could be the issue ? I have had an LG refrigerator for approx 6 months. it can be related with a compressor or sealed system. I have LG model LFC25776ST/00, the ice maker is not working. The best way to check this is to RESET ice maker and wait until you see how much water coming into the ice tray. Thanks John. Tray works and reset works. Hi Robert. I have replaced the water inlet valve, and the ice maker. Temp reading freezer: 17 degrees. Yes, if you found a little bit of water in the tray, something wrong with the water line or fill tube or inlet valve. I took the cover off the mother board and there were no led warnings. It will work for about 8-10 months before having the same problem. The tray moves now which the old one was not. It seems as though the ice is getting stuck to the custom mold plate as when I press the reset button the arm spins until it contacts the ICE but cannot rotate the cube out of the cube former. Your fridge has 2 valves, one on the back of the fridge and second in the left door. I took out the ice maker and cleared it of the ice inside, re-installed it and re-ran the test mode. I dont know what to recommend you, other than to replace icemaker. Check the temp in the ice maker compartment. Thank you! What should the Voltage value be on the Solenoid (AC or DC ??) Please help, Hello Elizabeth. If so very faint but I do see the light trigger on at the handle when both are pressed. As of now, we’ve locked it but as soon as we unlock it keeps pouring out. Installed in 15 minutes. Make sure the control board will fit with your model of the fridge !!! The Water Dispenser dispenses water fine. I have the same problem as Matt. It has an on/off switch but I haven’t found any way to do a reset. I’m talking about the outside tray where you set the glass to catch the ice. If ice maker not getting enough water: 1. https://youtu.be/3k79F5WlQ6k, My LG icemaker makes ice but water drops out and freezes the cubes any insight. Seems the freezer door was ajar all night and most of the items in the freezer got soft. What component regulates the temperate in the freezer and fridge as well as the defrost cycle………..The mother board, the PCB main or something else. my water dispenser works but the ice maker is not filling with water. Hi Vivek, for me it sounds like problem with a control board, if its not working on automatic mode, but only when you press RESET. I change the inlet valve with a new one but still no water dispensing or ice being made… I think the small control board in the door is defective but that’s a big guess on my part… Thanks in advance for any suggestions….

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