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Air plants are great for the bathroom because they can soak up the humidity right from your showers and baths. Greenery and plants provide a great way to transform a mundane space into a zen oasis. In addition, you can easily hang them from the ceiling, a shelf or a shower rod because they are small and lightweight. amzn_assoc_tracking_id = "plantsin-20"; Attach air plants with a web inside an embroidery hoop, take a tall glass vase and put shells with air plants inside it. Most plants like moisture; most bathrooms have moisture to spare. To grow one of these clean air champs in your bathroom, simply hang your spider plant near your shower or tub. The Bulbosa thrives in hot, humid environments. If you have an ocean or beach-themed bathroom, these unique plants will fit in perfectly. The English Ivy is a great indoor plant that you can consider placing in the bathroom in hanging baskets. A perfect air plant for bathrooms is the Bulbosa Air Plant (Tillandsia Bulbosa). Having plants anywhere is cool, ... MORE : The best air-purifying indoor plants that will survive life on your desk. As you can see, you can create a unique vertical garden with minimal effort and cost. 3 Easy Decorating Ideas for a Mini Bathtub Planter, Good Luck Artificial Bonsai Tree: Pine VS Cherry Blossom, How to Use a Succulent Night Light in the Bathroom…, Succulents Shower Curtain – How to Upgrade a Bathroom, Easy Decorating – with a Plant Shower Curtain Set, Plants in Bathrooms ~ Forest and Jungle Shower Curtains, Wall Murals & Decor for Creating Nature-Themed Bathrooms. amzn_assoc_marketplace = "amazon"; Superstar florist Eden Hessell helps us to weed through our options by rounding up 10 plants that are sure to thrive in your bathroom. More information here. amzn_assoc_default_category = "All"; Other options are Boston ferns and orchids. They also absorb organic air pollutants emitted by household stuff like cooking fuel or detergents. These plants literally live on the moisture and nutrients from the air around them, so your humid bathroom is definitely a great place for them to thrive. Use clear fishing line to create a “floating” look. and its tall slender leaves add a lot of flair. And it adds a beautiful accent when placed on a high shelf or the top of a cupboard. Living in a more confined space, they can’t access free-flowing air and nutrients like they would outside their planter. Thus, the name. You can also try using a spray bottle to mist the leaves without removing the plants from their planters. They will take up virtually no space, yet they will add lots of character to the room. I’ve even seen bathroom mirror “frame” created with air plants. However, many plants do not need as much direct light as other plants do, and we have cautiously selected the best of them that do well in low light. It actually makes perfect sense. Simply hang them from the ceiling or a wall shelf. Dracaena come in a number of varieties, and none of them are particularly fond of arid households; which is why they love being near a nice steamy shower. Heartleaf philodendrons loves low light, damp soil and high humidity, which makes them perfect shower plants. So, every time you take a shower, you are watering these little bathroom beauties. Plus, having a little greenery will certainly help spice up your decor as well as help purify the air.However, if you have pets, be wary of the plants you choose to decorate your space as some houseplants can be toxic to dogs and cats. Here’s how to decorate with them in your bathroom…. Bromeliads like bright but indirect light. In fact, air plants need water (you water them by soaking them!) In the wild, their lifespan can last up to 20 years. It is happy in just about any level of light and can live in just a vase of water. But not all houseplants are happy living in a moist environment. and thrive in moderate to high humidity and bright indirect light—perfect if you want a … This low-light plant is also one of the top five for filtering out VOCs like acetone, benzene and formaldehyde.. (Sure to please your guests too, like Marimo moss balls!). Imagine a sentry guarding a place. Plus, they give you more room for creativity when it comes to display, since they don’t need planters or potting mix. Known as the plant that is basically impossible to kill – which is why I had it in the first place – it is said to need very little water and low to medium light. amzn_assoc_ad_type = "smart"; Air plants really fit the style of any bathroom. Plus, you don’t need any soil! If you want a low-maintenance houseplant that looks cool but isn’t “needy”, the Tillandsia is your type of plant! are epiphytes, meaning that in nature they grow on other plants, usually on tree branches.There are hundreds of species and varieties of air plants. Houseplants that thrive in your bathroom. Keep them in your shower window—where you can easily spray them with water on occasion—or hang your air plants in a planter in spritz often. Tillandsia air plants make great wall decorations. Many varieties are epiphytic and bask in the humidity of a bathroom. Now it turns out that "shower plants" – because everything in Internetland has to have a cute name – are indeed a thing. Some people mount the plants to wall hooks by glueing them, pinning them, hanging them with nylon fishing line or clipping them. The mother will then die. She is a sustainability expert and author whose work has been published by the New York Times and National Geographic, among others. The iconic "spider"-shooting houseplant from the 70s, Chlorophytum comosum is a natural for the bathroom. Spider plants are great at cleaning the air around them. Sprinkle them around strategically and voila. Alternatively, you can use hanging air plant holders. This plant is ideal for reducing the impurities in the air especially formaldehyde that’s more present in the household products like bathing soap, … I just needed to keep plants in the bathroom. Floating Bathroom Shelves… What’s Best for Plants? These are the plants for windowless bathrooms! "If your bathroom receives a lot of bright light during the day," Enfield says, "air plants and bromeliads are good choices." With their beautiful, reaching fronds, they provide a lot of bang for the buck and will ensure that your bathroom never feels boring again. The photo on the left shows a simple wood frame surrounding a wire mesh screen, which holds the decorative plants. amzn_assoc_region = "US"; The top choices are spider plant, peace lily, and aloe vera which remove carbon monoxide, benzene, and formaldehyde, respectively, from the air. The plants I choose to grow in my bathroom are air plants as they are near invincible, don’t need much light, you can even grow them without soil and they can survive on the moisture they pull out of the air so they are perfect for growing in bathrooms. A DIY is available at Apartment Therapy! Live plants are an easy, cost-effective and stylish way to breathe life into any bathroom. How to Take Care of Air Plants in Your Bathroom. Hope this answers your questions about displaying yours. However, in more humid environments like a bathroom, air plants will require less maintenance.

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