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The SeaDream Yacht Club’s SeaDream 1 returned home to Barbados early last week after a passenger on board tested positive for coronavirus. SeaDream also has required social distancing on board the ship and, since Monday evening, mask-wearing. Every SeaDream 1 passenger had to test negative for COVID-19 several days in advance of boarding and again on the day of boarding. The outbreak happened on the SeaDream 1 cruise ship during a Nov. 7 sailing from Barbados — the first cruise in the Caribbean since the COVID-19 … A third test for all passengers was scheduled to take place [Wednesday]. There are even more cases of COVID-19 aboard that first cruise ship to venture into the Caribbean since March. The captain of SeaDream Yacht Club's SeaDream 1, Torbjorn Lund, reported the positive Covid tests in an announcement to passengers and crew, Sue … … The goal was “to create a COVID-19 negative bubble” on the ship, SeaDream said in September when announcing 22 Caribbean cruises. SeaDream halts cruises for remainder of 2020 after COVID-19 outbreak Days into SeaDream 1's journey, 7 passengers, 2 crew members had tested positive for the virus The SeaDream 1, Aug. 5, 2020. Four days into the trip, guests were told that a passenger tested positive for the virus. Passengers and crew — apart from crew needed to operate the ship — on board the SeaDream I are quarantined on board after a passenger from a previous voyage tested positive for COVID … Although SeaDream says it operated successfully earlier this year in Norway, the shipboard COVID-19 outbreak has renewed concerns over the safety of ocean travel during the pandemic. COVID-19 cases hit first Caribbean cruise since pandemic At least five SeaDream I passengers have tested positive for the coronavirus. A total of seven passengers have tested positive for Covid-19 aboard the SeaDream 1 cruise ship docked in Barbados, according to a passenger on the ship. SeaDream Yacht Club is canceling the rest of its 2020 cruises in the wake of a Covid-19 outbreak on board one of its ships last week. SeaDream 1 left Barbados on Saturday for a seven-night voyage. A reporter for the travel site, Gene Sloan, is aboard the SeaDream 1 and was meant to be documenting the new safety measures on the small vessel, …

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