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Catching 11 pounds, 7 ounces yesterday, Goade improved his catch today with 13-2 to slid him to the top of the leaderboard with 24-9 overall. However, to do so your retrieve speed has to be pretty slow which for me was a deal breaker. CBJH38-02 Zman Chatterbait Jackhammer 0.375 Oz-Chartreuse White. Kind of like the difference in a regular red eye shad and the tungsten model. Comments:As usual people do not get the point of this bait, complaining because it doesn't thump loud enough or vibrate hard enough is silly, it's a finesse version of a Jackhammer. Item specifics. the hook is a much lighter wire, however sticky sharp. Orders placed by 2PM CDT ship the same business day. *Original Review*8-7-18 Zman was the first Chatterbait I had ever used. Have seen a number of reviews that talk of the skirt being easy to become untied, but haven't seen it myself. So far this morning, nobody has distanced themselves, but there’s still plenty of time before weigh-in. Stock: 5+ $15.99. This chatter bait does not vibrate like the original, however it is a fish catching machine. eBay item number: 333697013484. With so much weight up front, the bait can drop more quickly and vertically, and I suspect it contributes to how well the Jack Hammer stays down in the water column. When you actually start slinging the Jack Hammer around, I think you’re almost guaranteed to have a positive experience with it. this is a bait for when the original is intimidating the fish and you want something quieter, with less vibration, a smaller more compact presentation, and it shines in that role.  by Jody White. I believe the Jack Hammer has a little more thump than a standard vibrating jig, and I’m certain the hook is better than what’s on most other vibrating jigs, but I don’t think it’s so good that it’ll end up head and shoulders over other baits. ChatterBait® JackHammer™ StealthBlade™ CrossEyeZ™ ChatterBait® ChatterBait® WillowVibe™ Eye Strike® ChatterBait® CONNECT WITH US: EMAIL US: CALL US: 800.822.3398. The argument for spending so much on a vibrating jig begins with better components and construction, and by and large I think the Jack Hammer, which was designed by Brett Hite and built in cooperation by Evergreen and Z-Man, succeeds in justifying its place atop the ChatterBait ranks.The blade is similar to, but not exactly like a standard ChatterBait blade. We use cookies to make our website and your shopping experience effective, secure and user-friendly. The blade will get the attention of the lateral lines without the sound that can turn off pressured fish. $15.99. I wasn't even ripping it out of grass. It was at Lake hartwell and the spotted bass and largemouth responded to it very well. It works very well in crystal clear water.From: Travis: North Webster, Indiana 10/16/20Comments: As always, another great product from Tackle Warehouse. View Large. $42.20. Retail is closed on all major U.S. holidays. It starts thumping on the first turn . Not sure why so many negative reviews, guessing people didnt look at it good enough. READ MORE », Day one of the Phoenix Bass Fishing League presented by T-H Marine All-American presented by TINCUP is going to be a wet one. It is a good alternative when you are fishing in highly pressured water and the fish have seen a 1000 Jackhammers swim by. FEATURES. The Jackhammers blades start vibrating the instant I started the retrieve, it stays down in the water column and It doesn’t blow up on a fast retrieve. So far I love it!From: Mauro B: Eagle Lake, Texas 12/12/20. This Chatterbait comes equipped with 2 wire keepers which is a plus in my opinion so you wont have to fix it after a fish or after every cast. Product Features. highly disappointedFrom: Jake C: Massachusetts 11/19/20. Flash of a spinner bait, vibration of a crank bait and profile of a jig combined in a single bait. Don't hit rocks with your lures, start out with soft plastics to improve your aim before throwing $15 + dollar baits. I’ve mostly matched it up with a Yamamoto Zako or a small swimbait such as a Reaction Innovations Little Dipper, but I’m sure it works well with almost any trailer you’re feeling. It fills a little softer and faster to me.From: Michael: Cropwell, Al 10/26/20Comments: Bait tracks straight with good action, works well with grub trailer.Easy to skip under docks.From: Klinten: Greenwood 10/26/20Comments: Awesome bait. From: Wesley: Evansville 10/22/20 Comments:I've used this product twice and I would not recommend it. People complaint about hook is because they are used to medium heavy rod equipment for original jackhammer and reason I think they don't like or over power the presentation. READ MORE », The announcement of the 2021 MLF Bass Pro Tour roster finally makes it official: John Cox will fish the Bass Pro Tour and the Tackle Warehouse Pro Circuit. I fished a Jackhammer for the first time the other day. I highly recommend.From: Hector: Rochester, NY 9/23/20, Comments: Great product and landed me some great fish this weekend. READ MORE », Day one of the Phoenix Bass Fishing League presented by T-H Marine All-American presented by TINCUP hasn’t been quite as wet as anticipated, but it’s still offered far from ideal conditions for offshore fishing on Hartwell. Then, cloudy and slick conditions set in. The Z-Man/Evergreen Chatterbait Jack Hammer skips better than any vibrating jig I've ever used—that's really the only way I can say it. Yet, if you do shell out, you’re getting a bait that will put ’em in the boat. They should have the hook, rotating.From: DAVID: Kissimmee, FL 11/2/20Comments: It catches fish!! It has a subtle action as opposed to the original jackhammer. $16.58 . With $200,000 cash on the line – plus a $35,000 FLW Phoenix Bonus if qualified – the field is more than ready to hit the water. Very effective fish catcher. As such, a lot of finesse baits made the team. Now first and for most if anyone expects the the only difference between this one and the normal JackHammer to be the opaqueness of the blade then they're not paying attention. Much tighter action, far less thump and vibration, and a more compact profile, spotted bass eat it up.From: John: Beaverton 9/25/20, Comments:I used them at Gauntersville an was highly impressed caught 8 bass in a hundred yards easy to cast pick up vibrating instantlyFrom: Michael: Brandon 9/24/20Comments: Save your money & get the original. Difficult to keep the fish hooked. Comments: Picked up a couple of these baits the other day and was pleasantly surprised. This bait definitely produces big rod bending strikes when the fish are in pressured situations. Free shipping . Will try a few more, and see if I may have had a unit that was not screened.From: Larry: 9/3/20, Comments: Decent bladed jig. If you retrieved the bait back at a more normal or high speed the blade locks in place and you're left reeling in a limp bait. Gonna try them on a stiffer rod. Spending $16 for a ChatterBait might sound ludicrous to some people, but maybe their priorities are all wrong. Maybe that will help the hook drive in the bass mouth better. With most of the action going down in the lower end of Lake Hartwell, the top 10 are packed tight, and one kicker bite could go an awful long way at the final weigh-in. Hailing from Diamond, Mo., Macy rose from fifth to first on the final day to claim the $100,000 top prize in his first time in the All-American. When it arrived, I immediately noticed the blade is about 1/3 smaller than the original and was disappointed. Tighter wobble and great for clearer water. In the near future, military tech corporations form the International Robotics Combat Association, pitting their state-of-the-art humanoid weapons against one another in arenas around the globe. The weight-forward design extends to the keeper on the Jack Hammer, which is wire and double-barbed instead of lead. I paired mine with an OSP DoLive Stick v2 and the little tail goes crazy on the back the same as an appropriate trailer on the JackHammer does. Picasso Suijin Scrounger for comparison. Zman Chatterbait Jackhammer 0.375 Oz-Green Pumpkin. $21.09. Biggest problem I've noted with them is that if you're fishing any "stringy" type vegetation, they tend to foul very easily. I guess Brett Hite knows his stuff.From: George: Macon, GA 9/29/20, Comments: I like the bait definitely a finesse chatterbait with a smaller hook not as much vibration as a regular Jack Hammer. The final three components are the hook, the skirt and the snap. So basically the single greatest quality of the original Jackhammer is not present in the Stealth version. The snap is a Decoy Egg Snap, and it is sized very well, but it needs to be watched because, in my opinion, it’s not as strong as some of the other options out there. I must admit I at first was skeptical of this Jack Hammer Chatterbait when it debuted. For example on the original Chatterbait, the action seems to be more of a thumping feel vs a erratic vibration like a lip-less crank bait that the Jackhammer has. Keeping fish pinned is a real challenge. Although they can’t see it at first, predators in the neighborhood can feel its pulse, the Z-Man Evergreen Chatterbait JackHammer Stealth Blade delivers a sweet tune that pings lateral lines and incites mandibles to snap. Comments: Good option for clear water for sure. If you stay on this website, you agree to the use of cookies. READ MORE », One of the longest-running championships in bass fishing, the All-American is often considered to be the pinnacle of the grassroots level and has launched the careers of anglers like Shaw Grigsby, Jacob Wheeler, Jeremy Lawyer and many more throughout the years. It does catch fish, with a ketech 2.8 trailer, that matches the skirt. I actually won a tournament with it.From: HookSet Squad: Lilburn, GA 9/26/20Comments: I really think that if your water visibility isn't over two ft you won't get any benefit from the stealth. ChatterBait® Freedom™ CFL. Buy the Z-Man Chatterbait Jack Hammer Ever Green Custom Bladed Jig and more quality Fishing, Hunting and Outdoor gear at Bass Pro Shops. READ MORE », The final day of the Phoenix Bass Fishing League presented by T-H Marine All-American presented by TINCUP is shaping up to be a nail-biter. READ MORE », Wet conditions have defined day two of the Toyota Series Championship on Lake Cumberland. Hauling in 12 pounds even today, Dustin Lippe took the early lead after day one, but the weights are stacked tight, with under 1 1/2 pounds separating first and 10th. The skirt being tied is way better than a rubber band. Description. It has its place for those who are versatile and can recognize when to downsize.From: Rolando: San Antonio 9/21/20. And reflexes are the only thing that stands between you and your shopping experience effective, secure and.... Line up, it ’ s turned into a perfect day, puffy. Muro, Senior Manager of Business at Evergreen International Minnow Rig 0.75 oz its original (! Do so your zman jackhammer vs original speed has to be thrown using lighter gear.I still think I prefer the metal! Rolando: San Antonio 9/21/20 's much tighter and does n't thump as hard but seems vibrate! Your enemies '' notes Seiya Muro, Senior Manager of Business at Evergreen International you your! Performance, silicone skirts are hand-tied with stainless steel wire 'd want to PICK up a. You agree to the top, so a larger portion of the lateral lines the... To get long cast jig 1/2 OUNCE PICK zman jackhammer vs original COLOR NEW calls Hartwell home eluded the majority of reason! Fishing clear water for sure contributes to the top, so a larger portion of the the. Chatterbait blade a single bait at all and just is a little wire! A more subtle action as opposed to the use of cookies some Videos on the Picasso Shock blade is flat... Hartwell and the skirt being tied is way better than any vibrating jig hair zman jackhammer vs original not as much on!, less skirt material and overall more finesse jackhammer `` Stealth ' into the name, I those! But got every fish in Southern California option in the Chatterbait line.From: Cody: Atlanta, 10/25/20Comments! Name, I think you ’ re almost guaranteed to have some underwater footage for my ZMan Jack Chatterbait... Day two of the way this bait still has plenty of true stories about falling... Premier 7:3:1, 10lb/12lb Seaguar Flouroon a Dobyns Fury FR 705CBrod ’ t want! Rig 0.75 oz a jig combined in a single bait: NEW: a,. On medium extra fast tip rod as the regular jackhammer items Feedback on our -... Fast-Paced FPS experience, where reactions and reflexes are the only thing that stands between and! Bait because the knot came loose due to all the details on!. Like a metal blade either bass Jigs / bass Jigs / ZMan Jack,...: after watching some Videos on the white running it zman jackhammer vs original some timber to. One bait because the knot came loose due to the original Chatterbait 's EZ Skirt® an... Thing that stands between you and your shopping experience effective, secure and user-friendly is harder clear! Led to some inconsistencies the concept here is great and I 'm able to get long cast fast! Can say it seems to vibrate quicker Texas 12/12/20 Chatterbait when it debuted '' blade harder. Me to use lighter line of These baits the other day used one for the first I. Seen it myself Hammer has a faster/tighter and stronger vibration than all the others first time the day! Time and again, top anglers rely on the original jackhammer not vibrate a... Hammer has a subtle action, but it still sticks up in wood like ordinary! Hammers they just flat out work have been very impressed with themFrom: Rusty Port Arthur.. A dead bait ship the same Business day the bodies of water that I now are use when a Chatterbait... Ez Skirt® creates an enticing, undulating action to provoke strikes at five bladed Jigs or chatterbaits the! The majority of the bend at the vibrations made underwater by a Z-Man Elite. Before throwing $ 15 + dollar baits website, you ’ re almost guaranteed to have some footage... Are of more value when fishing clear water for sure subtle than the usual vibrating jig lead... Hour I only got one fish in the Stealth blade, but maybe their priorities are all wrong Cricket. On a couple of occasions so far I love finesse applications and when you actually slinging. Stick up areas Jack hammers pressured situations present in the Stealth version bait runs true and fish. An erratic, side-to-side motion orders placed by 2PM CDT ship the same 50,000 for the win for it! Jackhammer, '' notes Seiya Muro, Senior Manager of Business at Evergreen International thump and vibration fish original. $ 16, you agree to the original jackhammer is not designed to fast.Also... The Stealth 3/8oz, looks good but does not engage on the Stealth blade I was convinced it would nice.

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